Dachshund in the logo?

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Dachshund in the logo.

When you are the proud owner of dachshund he (im my situation) or she is suddenly taking over your entire world. You now buy T-shirts with dachshund, jumpers, socks, table matts, mugs... the list can go on and on. And when you design logo for your newly established ltd... of course it is going to have your lovely dog on it! I think when you stare into my eyes deep enough... you can spot dachshunds in it.

Logo design

So, for reasons mentioned before, I decided I am going to make this website. Every company should have a logo, especially when you make a website for it. Sometimes just a company name with interesting type might be enough. There are lots of free online software in Web to help you out. Few characteristics of successful logo:

  • Simple,
  • Eye Catching and Memorable,
  • Relevant,
  • Versatile and with character... like my little four les friend.

Happy time designing your own logo! We work with qualified artists/ designers who can design uniq artwork for your needs. Please reach out.